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  25 May 2012  Irrigated Wheat - Best practice guidelines in cotton farming systems  
  12 May 2012  Cotton Symptons Guide link enhanced PDF and Hardcopy Order form
   8 May 2012

 Sustaining Rural Communities Conference Presentations Audio and visuals  2012  Session 3 Rural communities adjusting to change  Session 4 Just Do It!! Session 5 summary - getting the rural community you want; Building flourishing communities.

   1 May 2012

Sustaining Rural Communities Conference Presentations Audio and visuals  2012  Session 2  Visioning the future for rural and regional Australia and Dinner Speakers : Mal Peters, Helen Dugle, Rod Smith, Adam Gollan

   26 Apr 2012 Sustaining Rural Communities conference Session 1 presentations - Audio and visual :The Hon Simon crean, Dr anthony Hogan, Lindsay Greer, Su McClusky
   26 Apr 2012  Dr Geoff Baker Featured Achiever - Research Program Leader for Invasion Biology and Functional Ecology in CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences and Stream Leader for Multifunctional Biodiverse Landscapes in CSIRO's cross-divisional Sustainable Agriculture Flagship
   24 Apr 2012  Media coverage of 3rd SRC Conference  
 24 Apr 2012  Sustaining Rural Communities Conference Presentations 2012 Session 1 - The Big picture available - Includes The Hon Simo Crean , Dr Anthony Hogan, Lindsay Greer, Su McClusky
   10 Apr 2012  End of March results from CSIRO Bt resistance monitoring 2011/12
  10 Apr 2012  Su McClusky CEO for the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations Confirmed for Sustaining Rural Communities Conference
   4 Apri 2012  Recovering from 2,4-D damage - Induced water stress
     Sustaining rural communities Conference web pages Updated - registration open
  2 Mar 2012  Managing Silverleaf Whitefly (SLW) – Wet conditions,late crops and displaced populations Namoi Cotton Tale No. 2 2011-12
  24 Feb 2012  Responding to late season flooding Information sheet
  16 Feb 2012  Broad Mites ; Ecology, Damage and Control Namoi CottonTale 2011 No 1  
  15 Feb 2012  End of January results from CSIRO resistance Monitoring   
  13 Feb 2012  Cotton CRC Science Forum Registration pages open - Closing February 26
  13 Feb 2012  Wet Season pages in seasonal prompter updated - Including Emerald case studies from 2011
       20 Dec 2011  Project final report:  POSTGRADUATE: Subsoil Nutrient Management and Stratification in Cotton/Grain Rotations Xiaojuan Wang
   20 Dec 2011  Project final report:  POSTGRADUATE: Optical Sensors for Monolayer Detection Paul Coop
  20 Dec 2011  Project final report: The Ecosystem Service Value of Native Vegetation on Cotton Farms of the Namoi Floodplain_ Rhiannon Smith
  20  Dec 2011  Bee Alert Active:  Bourke, Macquarie, Lachlan, Murrumbidgee Be aware of Hivess in your area when spraying
  14 Dec 2011  2011 primary Schools envirostories competition winners
  14 Dec 2011   Featured Achiever : James Hill Southern NSW Extension officer and target lead for new growers
  18 Nov2011  Insecticide Resistance management plans for Cotton 2011-12 season
  16 Nov  2011  Nutrition information Sheets    Soil and Plant Analysis,  Petiole Sampling and Analysis,  and Leaf Sampling and Analysis
  16 Nov  2011

Petroleum Spray Oil in cotton: Facing the season ahead

  17 Nov 2011  Improved Access to all Cotton CRC  Information Sheets
  14 Nov 2011  Updates to WEEDpak section A3 weed growth and development guide
  14 Nov 2011  Weed ID Bladder Ketmia Species name and information updates update Wide leaf ladder ketmia Hibscus tridactylites andNarrow leaf bladder ketmia Hibscus verdcourtii 
  10 Nov 2011 New Crop impacts of herbicide:Bromoxynil
Updateswith the latest research to : Atrazine, Simazine, MCPA plus Picloram, MCPA, Dicamba, Fluroxpyr, Triclipyr Plus picloram, Glufosinate, paraquat plus diquat, 2,4-D amine plus picloram
  10 Nov 2011

 Major updates to WEEDpak- new section J Herbicide Damage and Information guide and Herbicide Damage Symptoms in Cotton pages - new idamage images of Cyanazine, Diuron, Fluometuron, Prometryn, Isoxaflutole, Chlorsulfuron, Imazapic, Metasulfuron, Imazapyr 

  31 Oct 2011  CQ Cottontales 2011-12 No. 4  Temperature , Aphid Management
  28 Oct 2011 Cotton_CRC_2010_11_Annual_Report (llarge file 5mb)

15 Sept 2011 Cotton Pest Management Guide 2011 Insect, Weed, Disease management

25 Aug 2011 Featured Achiever Dr Michael Bange, Cotton Agronomy , Fibre Quality
 24 Aug 2011 Common Plants of Grazing Pastures of the Lower Namoi Flood Plain Large File 5.29 mb
11 Aug2011 Pests and Beneficials in Australian Cotton Landscapes (4.3 mb) download complete document her for your smart phone or tablet

11 Aug 2011 Cotton Insect Pest and Beneficial Guide - web tool -extensive links to management info , look alikes, weed hosts, New pests and beneficials and updated images throughout 

11 Aug 2011 Sustainable Cotton Landscapes

 5 August 2011 Day degree report - Updated from Day degree Calculator
3 August 2011 Seepage Remediation  Case Studies of Grower Practices

21 July 2011 Reducing Pumping Costs and Optimising Energy Efficiency IAA Seminar Dates ste 4th August Narrabri RSL

13 July 2011 Australian Cotton Disease Survey 2010 - 2011 Seedling mortality,CBT, BRR, Fusarium,Vert, Boll rots,

10/07/2011 Sustaining Rural Communities Conference 2011 - Survey report 

5/07/2011 Beneficials in Action See video of Mirid predation by spiders and parasatisim of helicoverpa by Wasps

1/06/2011 Australian Cotton Production Manual 2011 Revision,  includes new chapters

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Sustaing Rural Communities Conference

2011 Primary Schools Envirostories Competitiojn Winners

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Cotton Pest Management Guide 2010-11

Australian Cotton Production Manual 2011 Revision

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