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 Insects and Mites


cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  CottBASE
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Crop Development 
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Day Degree Report
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Last Effective Flower 
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  NutriLOGIC 

cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Aphid Yield Loss Estimator   
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Helicoverpa Diapause and 

cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Mite Yield Loss 
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Silverleaf Whitefly Threshold  

cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  HydroLOGIC
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Water Quality Calculator



  Weeds & Herbicides

 cottassist_thmbTiny.gif  Day Degree Report
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif   Myall Vale Weather
cottassist_thmbTiny.gif   Seasonal Climate Analysis

 cottassist thmb.gif   

  • CottASSIST is a group of web tools designed to deliver the latest cotton research and integrate up-to-date information and assist with cotton management decisions.  These web tools are mainly for use by growers and consultants within the cotton industry, although can be used by anyone interested in cotton production.  CottASSIST Home
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