A major goal for the cotton industry is to reduce dependence on insecticides while remaining sustainable. This can be achieved by developing an IPM program that minimises insecticide use through the interaction of a range of management tactics.

Key Points Resources
IPM in General

Australian Cotton Production Manual 2010 Ch 12. Integrated insect & mite management 

Pest and Beneficial Identification
Helicoverpa moth emergence
Cutworm/ Wireworm/ Armyworm/ Aphids
  • CRC research updates,
  • Beat Sheet Blog,

Spray oils for aphids,

The effect of aphids 

 Strategies to Manage Aphids in Cotton  (1.6MB)

Egg collections, Resistance results
Planting & managing refuge crops, Bollgard II efficacy & management

Bollgard II Resistance Management Plan

Early season thresholds - maintaining beneficials, tolerating early season damage

 Strategies to manage sucking pests in a wet season

 Sucking pests cottont tail,

 Food sprays for beneficials

Sampling beneficials
Beneficial refuges, value of native vegetation

 Beneficials & biodiversity cottontails

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